Flood – Where’s the Water?

We were called on short notice after a tremendous rain storm to help save an upcoming hotel wedding in an outdoor tent. We were pleased with the outcome of the water restoration - and importantly so was our customer! See for yourself BEFORE RENUE and AFTER RENUE Read Full Post +

New Renue Service: Chutes Cleaning

Renue Systems is pleased to announce a new deep cleaning service to help you further maintain your property: trash and laundry chute cleaning. In this process by degreasing and disinfecting the interior of the chute we eliminate foul smells, contaminants and wet and dry garbage. We also clean the garbage room floor, bin and/or garbage compactor, ensuring that all grime and stains are properly removed. Lastly, a deodorizing agent is released down the chute to ensure lasting odor removal. Pleas Read Full Post +

Renue Franchisee Convention

This week we had a terrific meeting with nearly all our franchisees. It was a very productive session where we came together as a team to share best practices and create plans to grow our business. We managed to even have a little fun. Read Full Post +

Job of the Month – Wood Floor Polishing

Wood floors in public spaces can take a beating. To address this issue, we polish the surface and remove blemishes. This process brings back the natural color and provides a layer of protection from moisture and discoloring agents. Finishing also makes the wood easier to clean and helps keep it sanitized by sealing bacteria attracting pores. Here is an illustration of a recent customer of ours showing before and after the floor was Renued. Read Full Post +

Travel is the Secret to True Happiness

Travel is the number one source of happiness relative to even many life changing events. That is a result of a study conducted in November ’16 of 17,000 people in 17 countries. The research found that for most people travel is not only more enjoyable than physical possessions, but it also beats out as a source of happiness their own wedding, a date with their partner, securing a new job, getting engaged and even becoming a parent. Furthermore, 77% say they make vacation plans when they seek a Read Full Post +

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