We would like to congratulate Jorge and Lola Echavarria, our new franchisees in Mexico City. In a marathon session where they employed what seems to have been almost half the population of the city, they successfully completed their first job – and Renue’s first in the country. Even better, the happy customer is the J.W. Marriott, the flagship Marriott for all of Mexico. They were called in in short order ahead of a senior Marriott executive from corporate. With a very admirable amount of pr Read Full Post +


We recently met with a GM who was unhappy with the deep scratches in his otherwise beautiful marble floor. When asked the cause he had no response. Upon a future visit we quickly identified the source of the problem. When an event was occurring in this area, metal tables were dragged across the floors. There is an easy and inexpensive solution for this: install pads under the furniture legs. Read Full Post +


This week a hotel guest fell on tile that we had recently cleaned. Despite us mounting very visible “Caution” signs and using air blowers to expedite the drying process – as is customary for us – the fall did occur. Fortunately, she was not injured, but the incident serves as a reminder to take all precaution to minimize these situations. Read Full Post +


MILITARY FRIENDLY: A PROUD HONORRenue Systems is proud to be selected as a top franchise system for veterans as part of an annual survey prepared by World Franchising Network for USA Today – Franchising Today on the leading franchises for veterans. We have several franchisee owners that have served in the military and are making a strong effort to attract additional ones. One example is a discount on the franchise purchase cost. We also are recruiting at military job fairs around the country to attract both franchisees and w Read Full Post +

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