Travel is the Secret to True Happiness

Travel is the number one source of happiness relative to even many life changing events. That is a result of a study conducted in November ’16 of 17,000 people in 17 countries. The research found that for most people travel is not only more enjoyable than physical possessions, but it also beats out as a source of happiness their own wedding, a date with their partner, securing a new job, getting engaged and even becoming a parent. Furthermore, 77% say they make vacation plans when they seek a Read Full Post +

How to Expand your Business Internationally

Listen to Renue Systems President David Grossman on The Road Ahead, a podcast hosted by Jared Nichols of the Jared Nichols Group in conjunction with the National Small Business Association. Based on his success, here David shares his insight and expertise on how to grow your organization overseas. Read Full Post +

Making Red Wine Stain Disappear

Guests are known to like to relax with a glass of wine. However, accidents do happen. The beverage spills, and an unsightly blemish results - a blemish that is very challenging to clean. Renue Systems allows hotel management to also relax because with one phone call we timely visit your property and perform our proprietary red wine disappearing trick, as shown below with "before Renue" and "after Renue" pictures. [caption id="attachment_1476" align="alignright" width="300"] Read Full Post +

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