Shining While Moving Up

Using our unique process of deep cleaning escalators we made a very visible improvement. Note the difference in both the step and the riser. Read Full Post +

The Role of pH – Chemistry 101

While we may appear to be professional carpet cleaners, on the inside we are chemists. Much of what we do on a day-to-day basis relies on the power of hydrogen scale (pH). This is a scale of 0 to 14 showing how acidic a substance is versus how basic a substance is (meaning, how much alkaline it has). Acid and alkaline are opposite properties, so the lower the number on the pH scale, the more acidic and the less basic. Water is neutral and has a pH of 7.0. Why this is important for cleaning Read Full Post +

Carpet Magic

Please see the carpet repair we performed at a hotel in Miami. This work saved our customer a tremendous amount of money replacing the carpet or living with the unsightly stains. Read Full Post +

Springtime Special: PTAC/VTAC Cleaning

We have been very busy cleaning PTAC units. Why? Regular maintenance and cleaning of your packaged or vertical terminal air conditioner (PTAC or VTAC) units enables you to: 1. Reduce your electricity bill by as much as 20%, 2. Improve the cooling performance of your units, 3. Avoid costly future repairs and 4. Increase the longevity of your unit. Spring is the optimal time to clean these units before they experience peak summertime usage. Our PTAC cleaning system thoroughly cleans Read Full Post +

Cleaning Up the Shower

Our new office in Paris has learned quickly. Here we showcase resin in a shower our team addressed that was troubling a hotel: BEFORE Read Full Post +

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