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Your Guests Expect the Best. You Should, Too.

When your guests walk into one of your hotel rooms, they want the cleanest carpets, draperies, and upholstery. They want the shiniest marble in your lobby and tile and grout in your bathroom. They don’t want to see any stains or smell any odors in the hallways. They want sparkling chandeliers in your banquet spaces.

At Renue Systems, we can help you give them the cleanliness they want-and deserve. While you get professional-quality, on-time, on-budget care for your hotel or resort’s assets.

Originally called Appeal Carpet, our company was started by a 21 year-old to clean carpets in residences and restaurants.  After he was asked to help a small hotel he realized he found his passion – as well as a good business model. Over the next two dozen years our business has grown to the point where we currently have approximately 30 offices and provide a large number of services to thousands of leading limited- and full-service hotels in several countries, including some located thousands of miles from our home office outside Chicago. We’re now a worldwide hospitality solutions provider with a local presence, offering comprehensive, state-of-the-art deep cleaning and restoration services. We are extremely proud to be preferred vendor partner of and have strong relationships with many leading international hospitality companies.

Our unique “Hotel Hygiene System” utilizes:

  • Highly trained, experienced personnel
  • World class equipment
  • Advanced cleaning procedures
  • Our own exclusive, custom-formulated chemicals that are safe and friendly to the environment

As a result, we’re able to “renue” each area to give you outstanding quality work, maximum value, complete expertise, and an excellent return on your investment. Every time.

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We Get Dirt Out-and Color In

Our deep restorative cleaning system, certified experts, plus our unique chemicals, will instantly reduce the soil load in your property’s carpets and furniture. Their vibrant colors will be rejuvenated, and they’ll look and smell better. Their service life will be extended. Their dry times will be reduced. And everything you’ve invested in will look like new.

As a bonus, we’ll even use disinfectant wipes to clean all the fixtures and gadgets at a reduced price-or even for free. Just ask us.

We Meet Your Expectations-and Exceed Them

With Renue, there’s no more micromanaging vendors that have to drive to your property from out of town. Or being unhappy with their poor responsiveness and quality. Or hassling with hiring and managing cleaning staff. Or living with dirty surfaces that you were convinced could not be cleaned.

Instead, you can count on us. We meet deadlines. Solve problems. Come through in emergencies with 24/7 availability. Take complete responsibility and accountability for cleaning your property. Best of all, we’ll provide the cleaning expertise, quality, and professionalism that parallels your emphasis on customer service, as you’ll get:

  • Very transparent pricing with a multi-month payment plan option
  • A custom maintenance program to fit within your budget
  • Detailed records, including project history on services rendered and maintenance reports
  • Guaranteed compliance with carpet and furniture manufacturer’s specifications
  • Faster and more thorough cleaning than in-house personnel, freeing them up to focus on other activities

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Click or call for a no-obligation demonstration of our cleaning services. With approximately 30 locations, there is likely a Renue Systems rep near you. Then, make a clean break from other cleaning vendors and in-house cleaning staff–with Renue Systems and our “Hotel Hygiene System.”

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