Banquet room divider walls are infrequently thought of for cleaning, but these assets are subject to tough conditions. Between frequent expansion and contraction movements, fingerprints, food mishaps and spills from partygoers, dirt and stains are often present. We have experience cleaning them, and we do so by adhering to our Rapid Revenue Restoration methodology:

STEP 1: VACUUM all heavily soiled areas to remove any loose soiling.

STEP 2: REMOVE all ingrained debris and wipe all stained areas to prepare the surface.

STEP 3: PRE-SPRAY spotted and heavily soiled areas with starter detergents to accelerate soil release.

STEP 4: HOT WATER EXTRACT using portable extraction equipment, containing a water heater, a low psi controlled solution pump and dual vacuums for maximum water recovery.

STEP 5: (OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED) APPLY FLAME RETARDANT chemical on all cleaned material. A certificate of application is provided upon completion of the cleaning. This document is to be kept on file in the engineering department for the fire marshal’s inspection, if necessary.

A deodorizing solution is included with the service. All chemicals are formulated specifically for Renue Systems. For further information feel free to contact us.