Job of the Month: Grand Marble Staircase

One of our newly-opened Florida offices is off to a shining start, as evidenced by the work performed at a customer’s marble Grand Staircase. The work was performed with our diamond honing and polishing process. See for your own eyes "Before Renue" and "After Renue". Read Full Post +

Renue Expands its Footprint – Las Vegas

Renue Systems is pleased to announce it has grown its presence by opening an office in Las Vegas. Joining Renue is David Guy. He and his well-trained team begin operations last month. David has already hit the ground running, applying his successful career in the service industry to the leading hotels in southern Nevada. Renue is very excited to welcome David to our franchisee team – and soon more of our customers will be, too. Read Full Post +

Shine a Light on your Swim

Renue's team in Doha made this spectacular chandelier even brighter using our deep cleaning process. This project was made even more challenging because the chandelier hangs above a swimming pool! Read Full Post +

Unsightly Stain on Marble Floor

The accompanying picture shows a common stain on a marble floor. In such a situation there is a simple and inexpensive solution that works almost all the time. It is called a poultice. Derived from the Latin word “porridge” a poultice is a liquid chemical mixed with a white absorbent material to form a paste. To address the problem the poultice should be spread with a spatula over the stained area to a thickness of 1/4" to 1/2". Next, cover it with plastic and leave it to dwell for 24 to Read Full Post +

Proper Marble & Granite Treatment

Renue Systems has many years of experience in the care of marble and other natural stone. We primarily utilize two common methodologies for restoring these surfaces. One technique known as crystallization involves burnishing acrylics with a steel wool pad. The other is diamond honing – our preferred methodology – which is a more labor intensive grinding procedure. We like to perform this in combination with periodic polishing to return the stone back to a st Read Full Post +

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