Most hotels have minimal rubber flooring, but it is common in the exercise facility. Many times we are asked how to care for it. For daily care of rubber flooring, dust mopping typically is not advised because the surface is often studded to minimize slips, trips and falls. Instead, consider a HEPA-filter backpack vacuum cleaner to remove dry dust and soil surrounding the studs that a dust mop might not be able to remove. An added benefit is improved air quality since no dust Read Full Post +

It’s Our Silver Birthday

Hard to believe it has been 25 years. We are so excited for our next quarter century! Renue Systems Celebrates 25 Years of Specialized Cleaning Excellence in Hospitality Industry Read Full Post +

Our newest customer: Foodbuy

Renue Systems is thrilled to welcome as a preferred customer partner Foodbuy, one of the largest foodservice procurement organizations in the world. With thousands of food service, corporate, institutional and hospitality venues, we will help them with both scheduled maintenance and specialized deep cleaning needs to keep their locations looking good and operating safely and efficiently. Read Full Post +

Job of the Month: Grand Marble Staircase

One of our newly-opened Florida offices is off to a shining start, as evidenced by the work performed at a customer’s marble Grand Staircase. The work was performed with our diamond honing and polishing process. See for your own eyes "Before Renue" and "After Renue". Read Full Post +

Renue Expands its Footprint – Las Vegas

Renue Systems is pleased to announce it has grown its presence by opening an office in Las Vegas. Joining Renue is David Guy. He and his well-trained team begin operations last month. David has already hit the ground running, applying his successful career in the service industry to the leading hotels in southern Nevada. Renue is very excited to welcome David to our franchisee team – and soon more of our customers will be, too. Read Full Post +

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