Cleaning Up the Shower

Our new office in Paris has learned quickly. Here we showcase resin in a shower our team addressed that was troubling a hotel: BEFORE Read Full Post +

Got (Something that Looks Like) Milk on Hard Surfaces?

There are times when we are asked about a white haze on grout lines. This is a situation we can rectify. The two most common causes are 1) a white crystal-like or powdery substance known as efflorescence or 2) excess sealer. Efflorescence results from water traveling along a grout line. It carries salt or another mineral, and once it evaporates the deposit remains on the surface. We address such situations with several techniques, but one key is not to use much water, lest efflorescence retur Read Full Post +

Marriott + Starwood = Even Greater Company

For obtaining shareholder approval, we congratulate Marriott and Starwood for coming one step closer to completing their merger. Each company is terrific on their own, but together they will be even stronger. We are excited to continue to help them with their deep cleaning needs during their soon-to-come next step in their growth. Read Full Post +

Tip of the Month: Cloud on Wood

Ever have a cloudy film left on a wood surface caused by hot food, such as a pizza box? Try rubbing into the wood camphor spirit. You will likely be surprised by the result. Read Full Post +

New Service: Escalator Cleaning

Renue is thrilled to showcase our newest service: escalator deep cleaning. We have acquired a special and unique machine to clean the entire visible part of the escalator including both the step and riser. See the results for yourself. Read Full Post +

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