Slip & Fall Prevention

Slip and fall incidents have long been the plague of hotels. Not only do they cause tremendous injury to guests, but they are costly to properties. Two recent legal cases went against hotels when guests slipped and fell in bathtubs (the defendants were a Radisson in North Dakota and a Governor’s Inn in Tennessee). A pool deck is another exposed area. Renue Systems, in conjunction with one of our supplier partners, has developed a slip resistant treatment. It is an affordable solution that sign Read Full Post +

Tip of the Month: Rightsizing Your Mop

Repetitive motion injury can be caused by using an inappropriate mopping technique or using an improper mop. To minimize the chances of occurrence here are several suggestions: • An average sized person should use a mop weighing 16-24 ounces. A small person should use a 12-16 ounce mop, while a large person should use a 24 ounce mop. • Keep the mop close to your body and make a figure-eight type motion no more than 3-4 feet from your body. • Stand upright with the handle almost vertical Read Full Post +

Noise: The #1 Problem & How To Address It

In a comprehensive study in 20 cities, online hotel reputation consulting company ReviewPro found that noise is the most common complaint in online hotel reviews. Keeping noise levels to a minimum is one of the reasons Renue Systems uses portable machines for our deep cleaning. Interestingly, after elevators, the next biggest complaint is odor, eradication of which is a service that we perform. The fourth and biggest sources of negative feedback are air conditioning and heating systems, whose pe Read Full Post +

The Power of Guest Reviews

If further evidence is needed supporting the importance of the guest experience in selecting a hotel, take a look at a report conducted in December '13 by research firm PhoCusWright. As review website and booking agent TripAdvisor was finishing out 2013 in which it had two billion viewers, the report found among other things that 67% of travelers consult TripAdvisor at least a few times each month and 80% of trav Read Full Post +

Wyndham + Renue = Another Winning Partnership

We are very pleased to announce that Renue Systems is now the Approved Supplier for Wyndham Hotels and Resorts. We take very seriously the honor and responsibility to help Wyndham - along with all our international corporate customers - maintain their properties at the highest level their guests expect and deserve. Read Full Post +

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