Don’t Take it for Granite

Here was a challenging project because the surface is in a tightly confined area and is made of granite (the second hardest natural surface), but our team made the bathroom floor shine. Read Full Post +

A Holy Customer

See this spectacular picture of one of our newest customers. While Renue focuses on hotels, we can help with deep cleaning needs of many different types of venues. Read Full Post +

An Often Overlooked Part of the Hotel

Renue made a big improvement to the back of the house floor, which to employees who spend many hours working here is well received. Plus, it results in less soil transported by cart wheels or shoes to the front of the house. Read Full Post +

Stone Repair

Renue helps many hotels improve the appearance of their marble and other natural stone by restoring and polishing their floors, countertops and vanities. We can even make minor repairs as shown below. Read Full Post +

A Renue First

We go to great extremes including traveling many miles to help a hotel in need. We are excited about our new capabilities to operate a pop-up location. Read Full Post +

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