2nd Company Owned-Operated Location Up and Running

We believe that there is no better way to build credibility with our franchisees than to experience the ups as well as downs along with our franchisee owners. Since the founding of Renue in 1991 we have operated the Chicago territory, but we wanted to experience building a business from the ground up. Read Full Post +

Seeing Clearly

One of our newer service offerings is chandelier cleaning. The below photos are from a recent project utilizing our proprietary equipment. Our customer thought the result was very enlightening. Read Full Post +

Renue Expands its Footprint – Minneapolis

Renue Systems is thrilled to announce that we have begun operations in the Land of 10,000 Lakes by opening an office in Minneapolis. We are very excited that Allen Hallberg has joined Renue’s franchisee team. A seasoned executive from the manufacturing world, Allen sought a unique business ownership opportunity. Allen has a well-trained team that has hit the ground running to provide high quality deep cleaning services to leading hotels in Minnesota. Read Full Post +

Tip of the Month: Chocolate Stain Removal

Almost everyone enjoys chocolate, but it is less enjoyable when found on a fabric or carpet! Here is one simple way to address such a mishap: Since chocolate is a hybrid stain in that it contains both a greasy and a non-greasy substance, first treat the non-greasy portion by using cool water and detergent. After thoroughly rinsing and drying, use cleaning fluid for the greasy stain portion. Let it dry and repeat the process if necessary. For any remaining stains, use a solvent spotter. No Read Full Post +

Teak Patio Furniture as Good as New

We were asked to attempt to salvage patio furniture made of teak wood that our customer planned to replace. Not only did our cleaning save our customer a significant amount of money, but we helped the environment as well. Read Full Post +

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