KITCHEN SEWER WATERHere are action photos of a hotel customer’s kitchen we were called in to rescue after a sewer line backed up, resulting in 4 inches of sewer water. After 5 hours of work we had it cleaned and sanitized. Read Full Post +


Banquet room divider walls are infrequently thought of for cleaning, but these assets are subject to tough conditions. Between frequent expansion and contraction movements, fingerprints, food mishaps and spills from partygoers, dirt and stains are often present. We have experience cleaning them, and we do so by adhering to our Rapid Revenue Restoration methodology: STEP 1: VACUUM all heavily soiled areas to remove any loose soiling. STEP 2: REMOVE all ingr Read Full Post +


Did you have a recent flood or toilet overflow in a room and now it smells musty and you cannot rent that room? hat’s the early warning sign of mold growth. Call us today and have us disinfect that room before it goes from bad to worse. In the future when you have a flood or toilet overflow, call us from the outset and we will extract any standing water, set up air movers, place a LGR (low grain refrigerant) dehumidifier and disinfect the room so that you may get back to business as norma Read Full Post +


Do you ever encounter so much static that it interferes with electronic key card door openers or other electronics? We have a new offering where we apply a spray to minimize static, shocks and charge build-up on carpets. While suitable for all venue sections, areas with the greatest need include guestroom corridors and executive offices. Read Full Post +

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