Making Stained Carpet Look Like New Again

A very unhappy hotel asked us to see if we could help them with a big problem: a guest had created a stain on their new carpet! With one of our proprietary processes we dyed the carpet by matching our application to the specific color of the area affected. As you can see we were able to make dramatic improvements - and, importantly, a happy customer. Read Full Post +

Renue & White Lodging

We had a great time connecting this week with our good customers at White Lodging's annual General Manager convention in Indianapolis Read Full Post +


Do you know one of the key reasons why we provide such high quality deep cleaning services to our hotel partners? It is because almost all our offices are owner-operated. Our customers receive work performed by a very dedicated and responsive local team that is supported by a corporate office. To the best of our knowledge we have cleaned more hotels than anyone in th Read Full Post +

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