It is scary how much misinformation there is regarding proper cleaning techniques to combat coronavirus. I thought the best place to shed some light on the subject is the ISSA, the leading trade association for the cleaning industry. I consider this a must read for anyone who operates any type of facility. The Dangers of Battling Coronavirus Read Full Post +

Join an Austere Club

In recent months we have shifted our focus to primarily disinfecting and sanitizing services (for obvious reasons). Here's a friendly reminder that Renue has a full list of comprehensive deep cleaning services designed with the hospitality industry in mind. Some of our services include: - tile and grout restoration - marble and natural stone care - PTAC and VTAC cleaning - mattress cleaning and recycling - drapery and upholstery cleaning - and many, many more! At Renue Systems, we Read Full Post +

A Challenge Creates Opportunities

During this global pandemic Renue Systems is taking our nearly 30 years of specialized deep cleaning and disinfecting expertise, developed within the hospitality industry, and expanding into a number of new customers including theaters, health clubs, retirement communities, residential buildings, manufacturing facilities and more. Read Full Post +

A Big Re-Opening Tool

As businesses re-open and re-launch, are you confident in your current deep cleaning and sanitizing schedule? Contact us if we can help with our deep cleaning and disinfecting services, and ensure you are providing your employees and guests with a cleaner and safer facility! Read Full Post +

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