Make it Shine

We are boasting a little by showing what we did to a customer's lobby marble floor:   Read Full Post +

The Rise of Pets in Hotels

According to Reuters a growing number of pets are traveling with their owners. As a result 60% of U.S. hotels now allow pets, an increase from years past. This appears to be not only a U.S. phenomenon. Also of note is that luxury hotels are seeing the greatest interest in their guests bringing pets. To help with the influx of four legged friends Renue has a well-tested process for cleaning up debris and odors. Be sure to contact us for more details. Read Full Post +

Renue Enters its 25th Year

In 1991 a 21 year-old set off on his own to clean carpets in homes in suburban Chicago. Little did Marty Jollette know that his company would someday become the leading provider of comprehensive deep cleaning services to the hospitality industry....We are excited to be entering our silver year. That is cause for celebration and introspection. We owe our growth to a lot of things, but the biggest is our people: our franchisee teams, our employees and our customers! Read Full Post +

Something to be Thankful for

Renue is very appreciative of the relationships we have developed with our customers to help make them and their properties SHINE. If we can help you and your property maintain the strong appearance you deserve do not hesitate to contact us. Read Full Post +

Renue Speaking Event

Next week Renue will speak at the FrAMchise Day conference in Prague. In attendance will be parties interested in learning about leading American companies expanding in Central Europe. Read Full Post +

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