Leading Trade Publication: Renue is Industry Leader

We don't like to blow our own horn because we want to stay hungry and continue to strive for the highest quality work every day. However, we were very pleased to see that Cleanfax, the leading magazine for the cleaning and restoration industry, named us as an industry leader. Read about it here: Read Full Post +

Renue Franchisee Meeting

Renue Systems is very excited about our upcoming franchisee convention. Over the course of three days we are meeting with our franchisee partners to discuss ways we can continue to grow our businesses together. We would love nothing more for our next franchisee convention to be even larger. If you know anyone who may want to learn about a Renue franchise – in the U.S. or overseas – we would be delighted to speak with you. Read Full Post +

Are you using the right carpet cleaning chemicals?

Here is a quick test to ensure you are using the most effective chemical on your carpets: Pour a small amount in a shallow dish. Set it aside and allow it to dry entirely. Later, check the dried product. If it is gummy or sticky, it is not beneficial for your carpet since after cleaning it will leave a residue. On the other hand, if the dried product is flaky or powdery it can be easily vacuumed up from your carpet fibers. Read Full Post +

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