Most hotels have minimal rubber flooring, but it is common in the exercise facility. Many times we are asked how to care for it.

For daily care of rubber flooring, dust mopping typically is not advised because the surface is often studded to minimize slips, trips and falls. Instead, consider a HEPA-filter backpack vacuum cleaner to remove dry dust and soil surrounding the studs that a dust mop might not be able to remove. An added benefit is improved air quality since no dust is stirred up into the air.

One challenge is that moisture and soil can build up around the studs. Thus, for more restorative cleaning, specialized equipment should be considered. We recommend a hard surface tool, which is a wand attached to an extractor to generate considerable pressure on the rubber flooring. It dislodges dirt so it can then be vacuumed up, leaving the rubber flooring clean, dry and ready for foot traffic.

Special chemicals aid the process. In most cases, a neutral cleaner produces good results. However, a sanitizer is recommended for a floor in a fitness area, a locker room or other locations where bacteria may be an issue. As always, be sure to use a chemical designed for rubber floors and read the label instructions regarding dilution and dwell time.