Press Release

February 2011 – An Exciting Change

You may have noticed the new name on the masthead. National Appeal has changed its name to Renue Systems.

The choice of Renue Systems®, the Venue Revitalization Specialists, underscores our leadership position as a comprehensive service provider partner for the hospitality and other commercial industries.

We have been successful in broadening our customer base into other venues as well as introducing additional services, so we view the name change as a logical step to better reflect the evolution and growth of our business. Over the course of 2011, we are phasing out the National Appeal name.

Since the formation of our company we have been committed to helping our hotel customers. Over the past nearly 20 years we have deepened our expertise and expanded our capabilities, so we now are the leading provider of cleaning, restoration and maintenance services to the hospitality industry.

An AVENDRA (Marriott, Hyatt and Fairmont), Hilton Worldwide and Best Western International preferred service provider, we are committed 24/7 to meet the cleaning, restoration and maintenance needs of hotel, healthcare and commercial venues.