Proper Marble & Granite Treatment

Renue Systems has many years of experience in the care of marble and other natural stone. We primarily utilize two common methodologies for restoring these surfaces. One technique known as crystallization involves burnishing acrylics with a steel wool pad. The other is diamond honing – our preferred methodology – which is a more labor intensive grinding procedure. We like to perform this in combination with periodic polishing to return the stone back to a state where the surface is free from most scratches and has a nice deep, reflective luster.

It is our opinion that diamond honing is a superior procedure since:

1) It keeps the natural stone’s pores open – similar to a living substance, natural stone needs to breathe. Otherwise, over time the stone’s trapped perspiration will result in erosion and

2) It leaves a brilliant reflection – compared to an orange peel effect typically left by crystallization.

Occasionally, crystallization may be an option, primarily when either a short-term fix is desired (such as to maintain an improved appearance until a planned renovation or inspection occurs) or there are budget constraints.

We are sometimes asked about polishing as a stand-alone stonecare method. Polishing a surface can be done – primarily in situations where the desire is only to create a temporary shine – but it is an inferior solution since it does not remove scratching and is not a long-term restoration solution.