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At Renue Systems, our time-tested carpet cleaning solutions can help you deliver unparalleled service and satisfaction to your guests. Benefits of partnering with us include:

  1. Improved Results: Our expert staff is highly trained and utilizes our well-tested, proprietary machines and unique private blended chemicals. Because we have cleaned more hotel carpet than anyone over our 20+ year history we are confident that our quality and service are second to none
  2. Extended Life of Assets: For every $1 spent per year on maintenance, periodic capital expenditures for carpet replacement of more than $25 can be deferred
  3. Additional Revenue Generated: With the growing impact of guest feedback, higher guest satisfaction increasingly leads to repeat customers and referral business
  4. Raised QA Scores: Cleanliness is a key factor in property inspections. We stand by our quality so confidently that we guaranty that all customers will pass their annual audit (ask us about our Renue Systems Quality Guarantee)
  5. Enhanced Work Environment: A clean workplace has been shown to increase productivity, improve the health of employees and customers and make the environment more sustainable

Whether it’s a deep, restorative, hot water extraction for intensive cleaning or our own low-moisture soil encapsulation alternative when a quick dry time is needed, we have the carpet cleaning solution you need.

Start passing those Quality Assurance Inspections and get your Guest Tracking Scores where they belong. Call a Renue Systems representative today for a FREE, no-obligation needs analysis and demonstration of our Hotel Hygiene Services.

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