Tip of the Month: Rightsizing Your Mop

Repetitive motion injury can be caused by using an inappropriate mopping technique or using an improper mop. To minimize the chances of occurrence here are several suggestions:
• An average sized person should use a mop weighing 16-24 ounces. A small person should use a 12-16 ounce mop, while a large person should use a 24 ounce mop.
• Keep the mop close to your body and make a figure-eight type motion no more than 3-4 feet from your body.
• Stand upright with the handle almost vertical at all times and your arms not stretched far from your body.
• Switch your grip so that you alternate which hand is high on the mop handle and which hand is low.
• Since mop handles differ in diameter size, select a mop with a handle that is comfortable to hold.
• Change the water every 80-100 sq ft so clean water is used at all times. This tactic will not only improve results but will also decrease the amount of time needed to mop.
• Work backwards through the area while mopping so as to not leave footprints on the still damp, newly-cleaned floor.