The end of winter calls for spring clean-up throughout much of a venue. One area in particular need of attention is natural stone flooring, due to damage caused by snow and ice-melting salt. The effect can vary. For instance, marble and travertine experience pitting while limestone tends to splinter or chip. One cause is proximity to the entranceway since areas further into the property will have less exposure to de-icing chemicals. A professional stone restorer can address the damage, but in the future taking good care in selecting the snow and ice-melting salt is prudent. The most common deicer – rock salt – is one of the least expensive. However, it can be very damaging to stone.

Recommended is calcium magnesium acetate because it is less damaging to marble, terrazzo and other stone surfaces, it is non-corrosive and it is biodegradable (hence, environmentally friendly). While more costly than many other deicers, the savings from the post-winter clean-up will more than justify the added chemical cost. Plus, Mother Nature will thank you!